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SOAP PRODUCTION from mold - various shapes and scents

Any appearance can be made of ceramics or a 3d printer, from which we then make soap molds. The soaps are made with pure essential oils and 100% natural glycerin base from the Stephenson manufacturer that we are also importing.

The soaps that we currently have in stock are 65 grams and dimensions are 60x60mm. The fragrances available are lavender, grapes (recommended), olives, oranges and rosemary. They are packed in retro packs which you can see in the photos. We offer you the complete option of designing and manufacturing 3d print soaps, mold making, soap making to your desired color and scent, and personalization of packaging and declarations. All in one place.

If you want to try the base by your selve price is 40kn + VAT per KG. Package of only 11.50kg. We can also make models in 3d print according to your wishes, production of silicone molds and offer essential oils and colors from our production and declaring service.