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The first printer installed in the EU with the possibility of printing on sublimation paper or directly on materials. Also the possibility of printing on polyester materials but also on various types of pure cotton. Sublimation has been present for many years as a textile version of printing on artificial materials such as polyester and various blends of similar materials. With the development of roll printing technology, sublimation imposed itself as the successor to this type of printing after Eco Solvent. Sublimation uses materials that are made exclusively of textiles, or textile substances, and when printing they do not use Eco solvent inks, but water-based inks that are much more environmentally friendly than any other. For this reason, sublimation is considered as a new generation of textile printing and painting of various types of textile materials that can be printed from one piece and then sewn into the final product. We provide sublimation print services in a medium width of 190 cm and we are able to sublimate the same. We use the most modern Mamaki TX300 -1800 mkII printer with original colors in a hybrid version of bs and tb, which means the possibility of printing on polyester and textiles, we are very proud of our print quality. We can offer sublimation printing on various polyester materials and most of our services and our products are based on printing and sublimation of textile materials used in the sports and fashion industry. Sportswear and accessories are most often made: (football, basketball, volleyball, skating, rowing, cross-country skiing, athletics, cycling, sailing, fitness, martial arts, and other sports that use sports dry fit clothing and equipment).

We have a well-established sewing team in the plant, so we are able to respond quickly to the most demanding projects. We offer the service of printing on flags, curtains, bedding, towels, tablecloths and everything else needed in the hotel and catering industry.

Feel free to contact us with an inquiry, we will be happy to give you test prints as a reference for print quality.