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We print T-shirts with Direct to Garment printing with a high quality Polyprint TextJet printer. The technique of direct printing on T-shirts is a growing technique used by small workshops or shops to make custom-made T-shirts, ie custom made t-shirt products that are finished in a very short time. The possibilities of such printing are unlimited, one can print graphics, vector, photo, png, eps, and or any other file. We print in original colors and use factory specifications and settings when printing on textiles. T-shirts with applications printed with this printing technique, with original colors and with specifications of the profiles resistant to washing and dyeing, of course with proper treatment and maintenance. Direct printing on T-shirts is the youngest and most modern technique for printing logos and designs on various types of textiles. Direct textile printing is certainly a great option for printing on dark and light textiles, and is a great option for custom made and personalized prints of smaller prints.