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Promote Your Products and Services Using Attractive 3D LABELS!

It is most commonly used to make pendant or product stickers that give their product or your business a premium look. Pre-printed and cut labels are applied with a polyurethane compound to give a high and glossy 3d glass-like effect. The mass can be flexible or crystal and rigid depending on its purpose. Gliters can be optionally added to the resin to make the look more attractive and more recently we can ad scents.

3D Label Design Technology

The process of creating a 3D sticker comes down to several parts from the design itself to the selection of the material to be applied for the 3D effect. The substrate on which the polyurethane resin is applied can be: PVC sticker, aluminum sticker (high temperature durability), PVC sticker with full color print.

Suitable for:

• Automotive industry
• nautics
• Construction
• computer manufacturing
• various types of pendant
• medals
• children's toys
• PVC doors and windows
• wood industry
• metal industry
• the bathroom industry
• electronics
• textile industry
• Advertising products
• Scrapbooks and folders